Driving Directions

Driving Directions

Enjoy A Meal in Yellow Pine


Yellow Pine is open year-round for food.  In addition to the Yellow Pine General Store, you can enjoy a great meals at The Corner Pub.  Check the Yellow Pine Times for winter hours.




The Corner

In the 60s it was the Corner Café & Store. Subsequently known as the Corner Bar, “Home of the Ugliest bar top in the world”. It was built by Faye Kissinger in the early 1930’s.  The brick was made locally by Kissinger.  The present owners, Jen & Tim Aldrich serve great food and brew.

The Tavern

Built by Murphy and Mary Earl in 1940, it was in the Earl family until new owners took over in 2022.  The log bar top originally extended further back than it does today.  There were outhouses, an icehouse and a generator shack out back.  The story goes that Murphy Earl and Blondie McGill were flying into Chamberlain Basin where McGill had cattle interests.  They landed in Yellow Pine and were unable to buy a drink as there were no bars open.  Being saloonkeepers from Idaho City and Boise, they decided to remedy that situation and build a bar.  The walls of the tavern hold decor from the early part of the last century.

General Store

Part of the General Store is one of the original buildings in Yellow Pine.  Over the years it has been added on to to include the Post Office, laundry room, living quarters, and motel rooms.  The General Store provides food, snacks, beverages, and ice cream for your visit, camping trip or trek into the backcountry.

Yellow Pine, Idaho